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Free Resources and Downloads for Project Learning

This project is a 12-week interdisciplinary ecology unit for middle grades is centered on the guiding question, How does diversity strengthen an ecosystem?

Six Steps for Planning a Successful Project

Ecosystems Study Guide

Ecosystems Study Guide This 50 question Ecology Study Guide covers ecology topics such as food chains, food webs, symbiosis, biomes, predator-prey interactions, levels of organization, and energy flow through an ecosystem.

Free Resources and Downloads for Project Learning

This project from King Middle School, in Portland, Maine, pairs 7th grade students with community partners. The students then use technology to show off their understanding of bacteria in an interdisciplinary project.

PBL Project Planning: Matching Projects to Standards

Two adventurous fifth grade teachers explore their new PBL pilot program as they learn what it means to align student projects with learning standards.

Tips for Grading Cooperative Learning Lessons

When should you grade cooperative learning lessons, and how can you grade them fairly? This blog post shares tips and a freebie for grading team projects.

Engaging Students in Conservation is a FREE interdisciplinary 1-2 week unit. It includes five dynamic lessons and culminates with a service learning project. The unit is designed for 5-8th grade students in science and social studies. Though the lessons are designed as a comprehensive unit, each lesson can stand alone.

Multiplication Games 27 Multiplication Facts Bump Games

27 Multiplication Bump Games that reviews multiplication skills up to 12 x 12 $ by Games 4 Learning