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Life and paint Mixed Media: Gelli print and colored pencil. 9" x 12"

Transformation: Intuitive Knowing, Mixed media: acrylic collage on panel, 16" x 20", $600

Art, writing and gelli prints - Mixed media: gelli print, colored pencil. After playing with gelatin printing, on the advice of Michele Martin, I purchased a Gelli Plate. It’s a commercial version of the gelatin that can be reused and doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Memory fragments. Mixed media: Acrylic and colored pencil. 9" x 12".

The first two images above ~ the prints were made by rolling paint out with a brayer on palette paper and then rolling it onto the plate, then pulling the print off the plate with paper. Kind of like brayering directly onto the paper, but using the plate as an intermediary. For the print directly above, I inked and printed twice with black paint, then twice with burnt sienna. -- constance rose : mixed media and textiles: Start With The Best

Unpredictable Nature of Gelli Printing and Life. Gelli print and colored pencil mixed media art. I control some of the inputs for the gelliprints, but there is still a chance aspect involved. Very much like the parts of my life I had been writing about.

Mixed media; gelli print and colored pencil art; it would be more interesting if she explained how she did these...

More gelli What do you think, should I stop? hmmm... no, I will keep printing (≧◡≦) size 4x6 index card mono print for icad index card a day

Memory fragments by Christine Martell. Mixed media: Acrylic and colored pencil. 9" x 12".