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It's all about perspective, and with the doctor, it's a really, really long perspective..

11- Matt Smith was my doctor. Not because he's young and cute (because he definitely is), but because I joined Who with him as the current. He'll always be the doctor for me, and it's going to hurt so bad to see him go.

12 incredible Doctor Who posters

These 12 Doctor Who posters are the work of Cake and Comics. This is a blend of art and geek. We like both here at Geek Native and are chuffed to see they have a store.

Relive Doctor Who's speech for peace: is this Peter Capaldi's greatest moment as the Doctor?

This is a game I actually play every time I watch a British show, spot the actor(s) that have been on DW. Doctor Who was the 2nd British show I've ever watched (Sherlock being the first).

It's David Tennant vs Matt Smith in a hilarious Doctor Who convention war

I think the thing that was most painful about Mary's death was Sherlock's reaction--he is so obviously trying not to cry, something that never would have happened in season 1. Because now he's accepted that he has friends, people he cares about and who care about him, and now he's losing one of them and can't do anything about it.