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Doge! Such Funny Best Internet Meme Wow

wow doge gif =D this is the best, I think I've never laughed so hard!

Aww he's adorable! I'd love to have an Akita but wow is that a lot of fur to keep up with!

The common dog versus cat feud is very similar to the Capulet versus Montague dispute. They both have their fights but when they are in the middle of an argument, all of their feelings about each other spill out.

The Shiba Inu is the smallest among the spitz breeds of Japanese origin and was originally used in the hunt for the eyes and nose in the dense undergrowth of mountain areas of Japan.

Doge Ram

Joonta, a business name full of spark and excitement. Suits an internet company, collaboration platform, tech business and a range of other creative markets.

love this!!!!!! ahhhhhhh. Niko would have immediately climbed jumped/climbed the fence & ran. -_-