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There are some things you can do in "flying" dreams, and then there people who can do them in real life! Here's one:

How To Make Homemade Yogurt

How to make homemade yogurt using basic kitchen tools-no yogurt maker necessary!

Real Purpose of Chemtrails Revealed by Ex Government Employee | 4.10.15 | "Video - A short compelling interview with ex-government employee, the late AC Griffith, who discusses the US military’s purpose of chemtrails." "“If the government told the people of the nature of the experiments, I believe the citizens would physically attack the government employees and scientists involved.” ~ AC Griffith"

Chaga mushroom draws upon and concentrates nutrients out of the birch tree lignins and bark, converting them into a form that is easily digested by humans. One of these nutrients is a triterpene called betulin, which it absorbs specifically from the bark and further converts to betulinic acid. This is one of the active compounds and tumor inhibiting components that is inherent to the chaga mushroom species.

It was never about slavery, racism, or any other Demoncrap perversion! It was about freedom, southern pride AND THE NORTH TAXING THE SOUTH WAY OUT OF BOUNDS WITH TARIFF TAXES !! KNOW OUR HISTORY! You stupid sheeple!