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Now THIS is a creepy-crawly! Meet the bright green spider that looks just like the clown in Stephen King's horror film 'It'

This bright green spider bears a startling resemblance to the clown in Stephen King's 1990 hit film It

Buzz Killers: 10 Of The World's Biggest, Baddest Bugs

Giant walking stick - looks more like a giant walking branch to me. The genus Phobaeticus are the world’s longest stick insects by far. Not including extended legs, these amazing creatures measure as much as 13 inches (33 cm) from head to the tip of their abdomen.

"Tree Stump Spiders are camouflaged during the day, motionless on vegetation, the legs drawn tightly around the cephalothorax with just the median eyes protruding between the legs. In this position they resemble part of a dead twig, a gall or a broken piece of wood." Spotted by Atul