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hyperactive-hero: I designed a NEDA/lotus flower design that I think I may eventually get tattooed. NEDA is obviously a symbol of eating disorder awareness and recovery, and the lotus flower (especially in many Eastern Religions) is a symbol of survival and overcoming obstacles in your past in order to reach the light. I haven’t decided where I want it yet. But I think I may definitely get it. -Amanda

symbol of detachment from worldly desires and illusions symbolizes purity and life ever renewed and revitalized when it peeks out of the muddy waters every morning It holds great importance in the East and is considered among the most sacred and beautiful flower. Read more at Buzzle:

Mandala temporary tattoo

This mandala temporary tattoo looks amazing on your arm or wrist. It's cute and stylish at the same time! A temporary tattoo for any occasion! .................

NEDA symbol tattoo; I'd totally get something like this, or even just the symbol with no embellishments.