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Yoga Buds

These burger pack some heat so I decided to do my taste buds a favor and make them into small sliders. Surprisingly, they weren't quite hot enough for some of my friends who truly love spicy foods. The cool creaminess of the cheese and mayonnaise and the neutral flavor of the bun cut much of the heat.

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i call my best friend giraffe and my favorite thing is a zebra :)

Meals are hugely important to my family. I find having meals together acts as a sort of therapy. We vent and share stories of our week with each other as well as having a laugh.

Spring is on its way! Look at how happy these bonded bunnies are. If your rabbits have not had access to grass over the winter, make sure you re introduce it to them slowly as the new, young grass shoots can sometimes upset the tummy a little bit.

The race is on.

Doing yoga everyday enhances the body functioning and balances the mental state. With Yoga, not only your stress level comes down but emotional and hormonal balance is also achieved.

Leisurely morning, Nakayoshi