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BBC - History - World Wars: WW2 Movies: Evacuees One in a series of five movies that tell the stories of those caught up in the maelstrom of World War Two.

This is a highly enlightening series. If you only watch one documentary about WWII, it should be this one. "What greater purpose can history have than to try and lead people toward a possible understanding of how this crime could ever have happened? Without an understanding of how it happened, you can't begin to look around the world and think why it might happen again."

Teacher's Pet - Evacuee Drama - Premium Printable Game / Activity - EYFS, KS1, KS2, world, war, wwii, ww2, evacuation, evacuees

WWII Dilemmas

World War II activity. Great for World War II that forces students to think critically! Students are given five scenarios that involve World War II, the Holocaust, and its aftermath. Then they are asked to answer a series of thought provoking moral questions. Each story is based on a true event and the real stories are also provided. Extension suggestions and a lesson plan are included.