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Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric & Ginger Smoothie

Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric and Ginger Smoothie

Anti-Inflammatory Pineapple Ginger Smoothie Pineapple has been used for centuries to reduce pain and inflammation. It turns out that an enzyme found in pineapples called bromelain does, in fact, have scientifically proven medicinal benefits. Two molecules isolated from an extract of crushed pineapple stems ...See More

Turmeric Banana Smoothie with Ginger

GOOD NEWS - GREAT 4 YOUR HEALTH: A Turmeric Banana smoothie with ginger .. [I used turmeric for arthritis - 1 in a.m, 1 in p.m] #Smoothies #Herbs

This is the famous healing coconut turmeric smoothie! Turmeric, “The Queen Of Spices”, is known to treat many of our ailments going from aiding digestion and relieving pain to fighting cancer and Alzheimer’s. If you are feeling adventurous you can blend in two cloves of garlic with a pinch of cayenne pepper. These of course …