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8 Genius Ways to Use Stairs as Storage: Visual Treat for a Small Home

So amazing to find out how these brilliant artist is doing it.Lego 3-D sidewalk  art

7 Tiny Backyards with Big Style

Jeongmoon Choi’s Drawing in Space Working with fine thread as her medium, Berlin-based artist Jeongmoon Choi creates these arresting i...

David Zinn’s chalk artworks make use of anamorphic perspective and surrounding street fixtures — whether they be railings, steps, or even a light — to create startlingly deceptive chalk drawings on the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan. These illusions come under the umbrella of trompe l’oeil and the techniques make the most unlikely scene seem like real parts of the built environment.

These 3D drawings will make you think they’re flying off the page

Don’t worry, you are not under the influence of any drug (or are you?), rather, you are under the influence of art! Artist Joao Carvalho, aka J. Desenhos, creates 3D optical illusions that will have you believing the drawings are popping out of the page. By drawing in distorted blue lines in his blank notebook, […]

Mesmerizing animated gifs by Budapest-based designer David Szakaly, whose work has proliferated Tumblr under the name Davidope. You’ve probably seen all these before, but in case you haven’t check out a bunch more below. … Continue reading →