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White Gold Diamond Heart Cocktail Ring


morganite raw stone uncut ring if anyone has ANY common sense and loves me they will get me something morganite for my birthday!

Cameo Ring, Red and Ivory Rose Cameo Ring, Vintage Style Cocktail Ring, Romantic Victorian Brass Filigree Adjustable Ring, Valentines gift

Antique edwardian platinum diamond ring

Period: Edwardian Composition: Platinum Stones: - 1 Old mine cut diamond of quality that weighs - 2 Old mine cut diamonds of that weigh each). - 30 Rose

Bluetooth dress lights up when phone rings

A competition made back in prototype days, Samsung devised a contest for the newest wearable tech, the winner, was a Cocktail dressed that would glow through the use of Bluetooth when the person in question was being contacted Via their phone. While it was never made official, the idea was there.