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something like this as a prayer/offering "tree". Setting up a 'hanging branch' in a sacred space, & making prayer/offering ties, braids, etc. to attach as desired/needed.

Vintage Dictionary Necklaces One of my favorite crafts to do now. All you need is an old dictionary that contains the word you want, craft epoxy, beveled glass pendants (you can find them where you find glass pebbles and etc. in craft stores usually, a backing that you like (check the jewelry section of the craft store, and a chain that is the length you like. Put it all together and VIOLA, an amazing necklace or make charm bracelet with all the words you want to remind yourself of!

An open sacque dress (à la Francaise) of turquoise blue and silver watered silk, with matching silk trimmings on the bodice. The necklace, shoulder mantle and sleeve ruffles are of fine silk lace. On her wrists two black silk bracelets mounted with miniatures. Given the precision of the costume, possibly painted by a professional 'drapery painter', or in-house assistant Giuseppe Marchi (d.1808). Detail from Suzanna Beckford, 1755, by Sir Joshua Reynolds. (c) TATE