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Green Laser & Mount Block

The Raa Laser Aiming System is now available to buy on our website by clicking on this link

Raa 'evie' Putter aiming at the target board

If your putter face is aiming 1 degree to the right of where you think it is aiming for example, then its a fact you will actually be aiming to the edge of the hole. The laser can show you this instantly.

This actual block & mount that the laser is fitted to, has been fully designed and precision milled to what you see here.

We have two colours of laser, Green & Red. Both lasers are great for indoor use, the Green laser is exceptional for outdoor use, due to the strength of the beam light temperature.

The measurements on our double sided hinged target back board are in 1" and 0.5" increments.

Dot beams hitting target back board.

The target back board is hinged.

Double sided target back board.