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Two porcelain 'sugar babies' snoozing away. Custom made by Cookie & Kim 'Dreams Unlimited' :)

Porcelain Mask by Cookie & Kim 'Dreams Unlimited'. :)

Fun porcelain items custom made for a customer. Even the elephant mug. Cookie & Kim 'Dreams Unlimited' :)

Porcelain Bride Doll repro done for a customer. Painting by Kim, costume by Cookie. 'Dreams Unlimited. :)

Owl in porcelain & her many pumpkin friends in porcelain. Painted by both Cookie & Kim. 'Dreams Unlimited'... :)

Sweet Sue porcelain doll, custom costume, German glass eyes by Cookie & Kim 'Dreams Unlimited'... :)

Baby Doll in Peach. Custom porcelain creation. Kim painted the face, German blown glass eyes, cloth body. Cookie & Kim 'Dreams Unlimited' :)

This clown doll is porcelain of head, hands & boots; cloth body, custom attire by Cookie & Kim 'Dreams Unlimited': Sold... :)

This antique repro porcelain doll ornament was a custom item we created for one of our customers. Poured the porcelain mold, fired the head, German glass eyes, costume of the times etc. Cookie & Kim...'Dreams Unlimited'... :)

Large clown in porcelain, sugar baby doll likewise. Made by Cookie & Kim, 'Dreams Unlimited'. :)