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Gallery of The Gourmet Tea / Alan Chu + Cristiano Kato - 6

This is the third store made for local tea brand "The Gourmet Tea". As on the earlier stores, the design was inspired by the brand's bright packing for its range of 35 organic tea blends, but on each new project new light is given to the use of...

The Gourmet Tea in a São Paulo, Brazil shopping centre. Created by architect Alan Chu and inspired by the brand’s 35 brightly hued tea tins, the space is a wall of artful squares when closed and a lively, angled store when open

Situated in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond, this office take inspiration from the animated film and visualisation work produced by Squint/Opera.

  The name of the house which means “house at the open space in the forest” matches perfectly with this house. Formerly a laboratory for mental healthcare that serves people with mental disabi…