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How to make a difference - Cliimate Change and energy - How to make a solar water heater from plastic bottles - award winning system. The Ecologist | Links to PDF DIY instruction guide. Needs translation from Portuguese.

EXCELLENT IDEA - Wood stove water heater ''LIVING OFF THE GRID'' I know someone who built a much larger boiler & have heated their 1500 sqft. log home & hot water for the past 30 years.....Survivalism !

The DutchTub, a "low-tech" jacuzzi that uses a very rudimentary heat exchanger coil to heat the water. This idea can be used for heating water via open flame, adjoining grills or stoves, coiling about exhaust stacks, generator exhaust tubes, solar heating units, or generally anything that generates a good amount of heat for any amount of time. In this way one can easily heat water, even large amounts of water, for survival, emergency or off-grid living conditions of any sort. has some info on the types of water heaters that can be installed in a mobile home.

Heat Your Home With Solar Hot Water

Heat Your Home w/ Solar Hot Water - This is close to our plan. The only difference is we plan on being able to flush the system with cold water as our floors will be cement and we can cool our floors also. :)