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Thirteen Guests (British Library Crime Classics) null

A great historical novel that appeals to all, even us non-historians. I followed this with two more of Ms. Moran's books, Cleopatra's Daughter, and The Heretic Queen.

Historical Fiction 2016. The Vatican Princess: A Novel of Lucrezia Borgia by G. W. Gortner.

Amid the mayhem of the Civil War, Virginia plantation wife Iris Dunleavy is put on trial and convicted of madness. It is the only reasonable explanation the court can see for her willful behavior, so she is sent away to Sanibel Asylum to be restored to a good, compliant woman. Iris knows though that her husband is the true criminal, only guilty of disagreeing with him on notions of justice, cruelty, and property. A vibrant, absorbing story of the lines we all cross between sanity and…

In 1872 the American merchant vessel Mary Celeste was discovered adrift off the coast of Spain. Her cargo was intact and there was no sign of struggle, but the crew was gone. They were never found. This maritime mystery lies at the center of an intricate narrative branching through the highest levels of late-nineteenth-century literary society.

All the Light We Cannot See--while set mostly in Germany and France before and during the war--is not really a “war novel”. Yes, there is fear and fighting and disappearance and death, but the author’s focus is on the interior lives of his two characters.

16 of the Biggest Historical Fiction Books Coming Out This Fall

Historical fiction novels you won't be able to put down, including Karolina’s Twins by Ronald H. Balson.