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WW1 recruitment poster. In 1914 Britain lowered recruiting standards in height to 5 inches, to form several 'Bantam Battalions" of shorter and smaller men. Many of them came from coal-mining and industrial regions where men tended to be smaller, but no less fit, due to their occupations. The Bantam Battalions made up part of Kitcheners New Army and fought at the Somme in July 1916, but eventually replacements and transfers made them indistinguishable from regular units.

‘Soldier Dogs’ and their handlers

Ajax, a military working dog, during some downtime. I have the utmost respect for these animals and their handlers, and their commitments to each other and their jobs.

The Spinone Italiano was developed in medieval Italy for retrieving game. It is a prodigious drooler & tends to stink, but is an efficient hunter, good with children, suited to urban life, able to handle any weather, and obedient. The thick, rough coat requires regular maintenance.

for sale. Oscar, 4 year old cross shitzu, very small only 9inches in height, he can be a bit of a grump, not suitable with toddlers that are at the age where they might pull on him but ok with older children, he also likes the attention from women more than men. Oscar is very playful & loves his toys & playing fetch, he's good when he's out on the lead. He needs regular grooming and has recently been to the groomers for a bath and clipping.fully inoculated but not neutered.

Magpie who thinks she's human: 'Penguin' eats and snuggles with family

Noah Bloom, 11, kisses his pet magpie goodbye before heading off to school. Named 'Penguin' simply because of her resemblance to the aquatic creature, the magpie has been part of the Bloom family since 2013