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Christmas is on its way!! Check out one of our perfect stocking stuffers that we have for you this Holiday Season. Our new Badge Wallet will make a great gift and it’s priced at only $20.00 (plus tax).

Stop by the POA store today and take a look at our micro fiber screen cleaners! These wipes conveniently stick to the back of your phone, or any electronic device, for future use. They are washable, reusable and re-stick to any surface. These “screen wipes” are printed with our SDPOA 100 year Anniversary logo and cost only $2.50 (plus tax).

Stop by and pick up a Streamlight Nano Light Keychain!! At just under 1½ inches and 10 lumens, the nano light is extremely small and super bright. The Streamlight Nano Flashlight is an easy to access flashlight for everyday tasks at home or on the job. The Streamlight Nano comes in two colors black and pink, prices start at just $5.62 (plus tax).

Prepare yourself for the upcoming brisk Fall weather by picking up a SDPD beanie at the POA store. They will keep you nice and warm! The beanies cost only $11.00 each (plus tax).

Stop by the POA Store for one of our silk-screened SDPOA t-shirts. They are a great option to wear anytime, during workouts or as an undershirt. They are available in blue, black, and grey in sizes S-3X. Prices start at $10.00 (plus tax). Stop by and check them out today!

San Diego contains a wealth of history in its crime files, which is the focus of the new book available in the POA Store — San Diego Police: Case Files written by Ed LaValle and Steve Williard. The city witnessed mass murder, America's fir st major school shooting, the worst aviation disaster in American history, and the deadliest streets, per capita, to police. How the SDPD handled it all became textbook for many other police agencies. Come get your copy for $17.95 (plus tax).

Froglube, a bio-based cleaner and lubricant for your firearms, is the newest item now available at the POA Store. It's non-flammable, non-hazardous and non-toxic. Our Froglube kits include: 4 oz paste, 4 oz liquid, microfiber cloth and a brush. The price is only $23.50 (plus tax), come check it out!!

SDPD soft style kid’s ballcaps for are $10.00 (plus tax). These kid’s ballcaps are adjustable for the perfect fit, and comes in two colors, white and blue. Pick one up today!!