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Cinderella Couture Nancy-109B-Flocking Glittler Taffeta Baby Dress with Velvet Jacket omg beautiful $45

Christian Dior at Couture Spring 2011 (Details)

Ralph & Russo Autumn/Winter 2016 Couture show report

© Emily Soto | Photography Workshop Assistants Rafal Pikul, Ewa Pikul and Soven Amatya | Models: Nancy at Profile Models and Eleanor Cooper | Stylist/Designer Susan Lafica at Fiori Couture and Sicilian Gypsy | Styling Assistant Chanel Bohn | Makeup by Monika Swiatek

In Etruscan mythology, Leinth is the Goddess of Death, whose name means "Old Age" or "Old Woman". In art, she was portrayed with the face veiled. Leinth's name is related to many gloomy words in Etruscan, such as leine, "to die"; leinie, "dead" or "inert"; another more literal meaning of Her name is "She Who Stops". Despite Her name She is depicted as a young Goddess.

Dior gown Glamour Gown. This is the sort of wedding dress I would like. Without the jacket possibly.

White Wedding embroidered sweater COAT with felted by amberstudios

Boodles. BRACELETS. Sweet Pea. In this suite vivid blue Ceylon sapphires rest in sparkling diamond tendrils decorated with briolette diamond dew drops. The Sweet Pea design is inspired by this flower's curling, spring-like vines, which you can wind around your finger while admiring their sweet scented blooms. These twisting contours are the focal point of this very intricate collection.