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Luis Royo - The Labyrinth Tarot - Major Arcana: The Devil 15 / Capricorn Bondage, materialism, living a lie, temptation. Ignorance in relationship, thirst for money or power, unconscious reaction, childlike responses, self-imposed bondage, being obsessed, relinquishing control, chained to addictive patterns of behavior, manipulation by others, negative thinking, limited perception, generalization.

Labyrinth Tarot - Many things can be said about this deck, but one thing stands out, it looks gorgeous. The major arcana and the court cards are all beautifully illustrated in an enchanting style. The suits have their own colour, spades is blue, cups are red, wands are green, pentacles are golden while the major arcana are all in a dreamlike sepia/ greenish colour. Luis Royo ...

luis royo_the labyrinth tarot_minor arcana_swords_queen of swords_sketch.jpg (1120×1600)