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  This is a fascinating set of maps showing a variety of similarities – and differences -- in the world as we think ...

Comparison of some of the longest ships (Knock Nevis, Emma Mærsk, RMS Queen Mary 2, MS Berge Stahl and USS Enterprise). Colours are representative of the ships' underside and topsides. Lengths are drawn to scale, the profiles are drawn using multiple photos and diagrams, and may not be entirely accurate. The ships are not the "five largest" in the world, but the largest of each type. Knock Nevis is still the largest ship ever built, and Emma Maersk the largest ship in operation.

The remains of an albatross chick lie on Midway Atoll, a tiny stretch of sand that is one of the world's most remote marine sanctuaries. Nesting chicks fill their bellies with plastic as their parents collect and feed them bits that look to them like food. As a result, tens of thousands of albatross chicks die from starvation, choking, internal bleeding, and poisoning each year.

The world's biggest ship - for 53 days

Owned by Mediterranean Shipping Company, built by Daewoo in South Korea 395.4m long, 30.3m deep and 59m in breadth; gross tonnage 193,000 tons The Oscar will fly under a Panamanian flag and service trade routes between Asia and Europe CSCL Global

This is why I pick up litter. I don't care who dropped it or why, I am picking it up & disposing of it properly to save the life of an animal.