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Having a group shifts the dynamics of a survival scenario. Instead of relying on a couple people to do all the work, the work can be shared by many hands. But there are also more mouths to feed.

If you're making a journey in the sun, be sure to mud up (nature's sunscreen) and protect your feet from creatures lurking in the brush.

After suffering from cutaneous leishmaniasis, Bo explains his #NakedAndAfraid recovery.

8 Deadly Survival Myths To Avoid At All Costs

8 Deadly Survival Myths To Avoid At All Costs | Emergency Preparedness Skills and Self Sufficiency Ideas for the Family. By Survival Life at

25 Lost Survival Tips from 100 Years Ago

There may come a day when we need to relearn all these little survival tips people used to know. Why not go ahead and relearn them now?

Cuddling at night is one way to stay warm during a survival scenario. But you have to be comfortable with each other!