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This is a wonderful word with stirring origins. Nothing to do with the utensil you use to stir your tea, spoondrift is derived from the old Scots word ‘spoon’ which meant ‘to run before the wind’ while drift may come from the Old Norse ‘drift’, like snowdrift.

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Small Aperture gives focus across the frame and gives a slight sunburst effect on the sun. Fast shutter speed freezes motion and doesn't overexpose as limits light into the camera.

Sensational Lobster Newberg

Lobster Newburg: 2 egg yolks, beaten,  ½  c Greek T butter, T Madeira, ¼  t s & p, 1 pinch cayenne pepper & nutmeg, 1 pound cooked lobster meat, broken into chunks, Make sauce and cook til thick. fold in lobster. Serve hot over slices of butte

The time is NOW for you to become more active in your soul's intentions; you have the potential and this is your opportunity to be more.

Hermann Hesse quote. This is exactly it!! So many people get lost in their special someone, completely forgetting that they too are an individual. It's so important to respect differences.