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Explore Enigmatic Bird, Tramin South and more! | Enigmatic bird-siren or harpy with a tail ending in a second head | St. Jakob in Kastelaz near Tramin, South Tyrol, Italy

Pitcher by Pablo Picasso

"Cruchon Hibou" is a striking terre de faïence pitcher in blue, black, and brown, in the form of a creature seen often in Picasso's bestiary: an owl. Created in 1955 by the last century's greatest artist, at the Madoura pottery in Vallauris, France -- where Picasso was welcomed by his friends the Ramies to do all of his ceramic work -- this piece's zoomorphism reflects a typical aspect of Picasso's playfulness. Thus the spout of the pitcher serves also as the high beak of the enigmatic bird

Had I but wings like thine, Free bird of flight, To scale the heights that only wings can reach, Or steer my passage o'er yon seas of light, Whose cloudy beach Is ever shifting like the sands of time. ~ Martha Lavinia Hoffman

God creating animals, including dragons.