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Man's doorway to that perfection is the Sacred Heart. Seek it first and all else shall be given to you. When your relationship to the heart is sentient and alive, it is the most natural place to be. In that center, you will find dimensions of specific intelligence. You may at first regard them as principles for living, but as you master them more fully, you will see them as extensions of your own BEING. They are unity, love, life, respect, honesty, justice, and kindness. ~ Keys of Jeshua Ch…

Photographer Explores The Beautiful Diversity Of Redheads Of Color

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I like this funny floor made with different tiles. Using left over random pieces of tile sets.

These 96 Photos Say More Than Words Ever Could. #7 Will Break You Down.

To be human. These 30 Photos Say More Than Words Ever Could. ============================= profgasparetto / eagasparetto / Dom Gaspar I ================================== ================================== ==================================

Pictured: Mystery man stuck under building corner in breathtaking street artwork

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Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have eyes to see them. - John Ruskin. Miu