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2) Diminished consciousness of self is when you are so enticed by an activity you feel as though you are in it. You have no concern for how you look or what others think about you. Your main focus becomes the activity. You enter a state of mind were you are worry free and do as you please. Playing some video games I get this feeling of immersion and that I’m in the video game playing as the main character. The world could be burning down around me, but it doesn’t matter at that moment time.

2. Pick two qualities of play to explain in depth. Pin an original image (photo, drawing, meme, cartoon, etc.) to represent each of those qualities. Diminished consciousness of self. This is me wearing a halloween costume I put together. Whether it's acting in something or just dressing up for halloween I like to dress up to become someone else. This gets me out of my shell and allows me to become someone else.

2) Diminished Consciousness of Self, when you no longer think about how you look. For example when writing, the writer allows the characters to come to the front and the writer themselves is simply watching the characters interact as if it was a play. In fact the writer is writing the story but they lose themselves in the story. A close link to Freedom from Time, instead of time being lost its your own self.

Question #2: Diminished Consciousness of Self. I chose this image to display a diminished consciousness of self because in the photo I didn't even realize that he was taking a picture because I was so in the zone. I felt like an instrument itself inside the program, like I wasn't even in the room with anyone else. I was too busy channeling my thoughts and energy through the computer, I had no way to break away into real life for a picture.

2: Diminished Consciousness of self is a strange feeling, yet good feeling. You lose yourself, getting drawn into a surreal place where there's nothing but the thoughts of what u are engaged in. Watching a movie that really grabs you does this often, you become so enthralled and enveloped by the movie, u forget everything, all that you know is the story that's unfolding in front of you.

2. "Diminished Consciousness of Self" is another quality of "Play" that occurs when I play video games, mainly World of Warcraft. While playing this game I play on a role-playing player versus player server where I take on a whole other life of a character.

2. Diminished consciousness of self, there are times where the stress can break you, I have tendencies to play a game with my cat, I even does this as a child with my past cat. Pretty much, you take a long piece of string and you allow your cat to basically "chase" when in all realty he's going for the string. I always forget awkward it is for a girl to be having fun with a cat chasing him.

2. Diminished consciousness or self, is losing yourself to play. You adopt the roll you are playing and are so engrossed in play that you become that person. Staying in character in a d&d game or makeing desitions you truely feel like commander sheperd would make, are both examples.

#2. Diminished Consciousness of Self. While reading, I would always forget where I was and who I was even. I'd become so absorbed in the story that I would become the character. At times, a wizard, others a prince or princess going out to save their kingdom. Dimished Consciousness of Self is the act of losing track of ourselves while in a play activity. As I depicted in the sketch above, our character is imagining she's the wolf attempting to get into the castle, but is being rejected.

#2 Diminished Consciousness of Self - - This quality of play is the ability to lose ones self in the activity, to become so enthralled you take on a new identity. Roller Derby is a sport that people take on a persona and engage in a game of skill. My derby name was Dee Shotcalla because I called the shots. During my time as a roller derby referee I was very different from my normal shy demeanor. The image I chose is an original derby poster I created for one of the roller derby bouts.