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Christmas Stocking,Quilting

Are you new to machine quilting? You may have made tied quilts for a while and now want to explore machine quilting. I’ve seen a lot of advice given for how to machine quilt but I think mos…

You'll love this Maple Leaf Table Runner quilting kit! This kit is perfect for the beginner quilter and features everything you need to complete your Autumn design.

A Quilting Applique Tip From Sarah Fielke: Perfect Applique Circles

Anyone looking to make smooth, round applique shapes for their quilt tops must watch this free video tip! Circles and ovals are now officially a breeze for quilters, thanks to Sarah Fielke's secret! Click to read more on the Craftsy blog.

Making a Pattern for a Fabric Collage Quilt

So you want to make a fabric collage quilt. Great! After choosing an image to work from, the next step in creating a fabric collage quilt is making a simple pattern. This is a critical step, one th…