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This is another subspecies of Arcinella Cornuta. I collected this one a couple of weeks ago in central Florida. This specimen is between 5 to 14 million years old. I only collect these if they're in perfect condition. I throw the imperfect ones aside. I can collect between 20 to 50 of these in each visit to the site. They look and feel like a round rock until I clean them over several days.

Beach Decor Seashells - Nautical Decor Shells - Bulk Sea Shells - Coastal Decor - Phalium Bandatum Shells - Beach House Decor 2.5-3in, 1pc

Beach Decor Seashells - Nautical Phalium Bandatum Shells, 2.5-3in, 3pc

sea shell. The creative streak that ran through me used words like wisdom, hope, trust, and the image of a spiral. The work left me in a matter of days. I am reluctant to do another because I am not sure what this might mean for me and in what direction it might lead.