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Joe Schmoe Coffee Body Wash / Liquid Soap 'for men' - Vegan, Palm-free - 8oz. $9.25, via Etsy.

You might want to make your own soap because you want to avoid some of the common chemical ingredients in store-bought soap, or because it saves money, or just for the fun of mixing your own scents and molding them into decorative shapes. Making soap from scratch isn’t a simple process, and you will need to be careful with the lye – make sure you understand what the dangers are and how to avoid them before you start.

Sneech-Bellied Soap Watermelon Apple Soap - Hot Process Star Soap - Vegan, Palm-free Homemade Soap. $8.75, via Etsy.

Vegan Facial Cleanser - Natural acne face wash - Palm-free soap - 2 oz. $6.25, via Etsy.

Tall Peppermint (No Whip) Mocha Coffee Soap Body Wash / Liquid Soap - Vegan, Palm-free - 8oz. $9.99, via Etsy.

The Soap Addict: natural colors on cold process soap. Yay! I have felt a major lack of colour in my soap lately...I‘ll have to check these out for sure.

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