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Zambeca - Efecto POV con ventilador casero. #Arduino, #RedBoard

Innovative Robotic Fabric Transforms Garments Into Automatons

This phenomenal textile, which serves as a sort of electronic skin, can bend, contract and twist, lending itself to an amazing range of potential applications in sports, spacesuits and military operations to say the very least.

Creating an interactive pad with Arduino Lilypad

Maker Agy Lee has put her own spin on a prototype of a dynamic sensor pad powered by an Arduino Lilypad (ATmega328). Lee’s goal was to demonstrate the wide range of ways that the Arduino can work with various sensors. #Atmel #Arduino #LilyPad #ATmega328 #Makers #MakerMovement #DIY

Wearable Technology Bootcamp with LilyPad Arduino – Technocamps, Aberystwyth

“Traditional technology companies will have to start paying attention to how sensors are enabling us to live,” he added. “Consumers are ultimately going to become more aware of their data in the digital ether. I suspect wearables are going to disrupt the way tech firms are doing business now.”

Details about LilyTwinkle Tiny Lilypad Board Microcontroller IDE for Arduino UNO Mega New

Getech Lilytwinkle Board Microcontroller IDE Compatible with Arduino Iduino | eBay $5.80 USD (april 2014)

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