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#Medieval Reliquary Pendant 15th Century -- French -- Basse taille enamel, niello, silver & silver gilt. -- Metropolitan Museum of Art

Gold Reliquary Pendant with Queen Margaret of Sicily in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, September 2010 Reliquary Pendant, 1174–1177 English Gold

Pendant with facing couple, 15th century, Italy. Silver gilt and niello. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Harness Pendant, 13th–early 15th century. Possibly Spanish. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Rogers Fund, 1904 (04.3.409)

Detail ca. 1230 Made in Meuse Valley,South Netherlands Silver and silver gilt over Wood core,niello and gems Metropolitan Museum ...

Pendant Brooch with Cameo of Enthroned Virgin and Child and Christ Pantokrator LATE 11TH-12TH CENT BYZANTINE