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Gopal-Krishna-Gokhale- graduate at 18, professor and associate editor of the sudharak at 20. Secretary of the sarvajanik sabha and of the provincial conference at 25. secretary of the national congress at 29 .leading witness before an important royal commission at 31. provincial legislator at 34 . imperial legislator at 36. president of the indian national congress at 39 .a patriot whom mahatma gandhi himself regarded as his master

Hollow Horn Bear. Tribe: Brule Dakota. Born in Sheridan Country, Nebraska, son of Chief Iron Shell, Hollow Horn Bear earned his early fame as a warrior. He fought with the leading chiefs of the Plains against subjugation until the 1870s; after that, he favored peace with the whites. His likeness appeared on a fourteen-cent stamp as well as on a five-dollar bill.

Photo by Zodingdi Fair Trade shop, an online shop that specialises in hand crafted home and fashion accessories which are produced in India by artisans from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The amazing block printing technique that we use on all of our new bedding from India - the blocks are hand carved and then the bedding is hand printed. The variations in the print speak to the amazing artistry and you can literally see the hand of the craftsperson in every piece. I love this age old manufacturing technique and I am truly inspired when I work with our block printers.

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