With over 1000 square metres of lovingly maintained lawns and award winning planting, the gardens of Middle Temple provide a beautiful oasis for guests to watch a film on a balmy evening. There are views over the twinkling lights along the Embankment to the Thames and the stunning back drop of the Middle Temple Hall building which houses one of the finest Elizabethan Halls in the country! From the moment you step away from the bustle of London onto the cobbles of the lantern-lit Middle…

Life in Tudor England could be a bit whiffy. Just think–no flushing toilets, no hot running water. People didn't wash themselves or their clothes nearly as often as we do now, so things could get a little smelly. Rich Tudors had a cunning plan though–they

Woodcut of lawn bowling - 16th century - Scanned from English Life in Tudor Times by Roger Hart, NT: Putnam, 1972, SBN 853401608 Author Unknown

Tudor French Hoods - Renaissance Fabrics

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