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Never Gone Framed Print by Holley Jacobs

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Never Be Forgotten Acrylic Print by Holley Jacobs

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Martin Uher, played for the Slovan Bratislava football club and national football team "Martin Uher took a great risk. Had the Germans discovered what he was doing, they would certainly arrested him and confiscated his property" Imrich Rosenberg-Hajny Holocaust survivor Read Martin Uher’s story

Lodz, Poland, the photographer Mendel Grossman in his laboratory in the ghetto. Grossman was deported to a labor camp in Koenigs Wusterhausen and stayed there until 16 April 1945. Ill and exhausted, he was shot by Nazis during a forced death march, still holding on to his camera. #worldphotographyday

Sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau with another two hundred French women prisoners, Dr. Adelaide Hautval, a devout Protestant, was housed with five hundred Jewish women prisoners, and was nicknamed “the saint.” With little or no resources, she attempted to help Jewish prisoners who had contracted typhus, refrained from reporting the prisoners’ illnesses (thereby sparing them immediate death) and treated them with boundless dedication.

Tadeusz Gebethner hid Ludwika and Salomon Abrahamer and their 12-year-old daughter, Alina, He accompanied Abrahamer to the Populations Registration Office, where at great personal risk, he helped him obtain a Kennkarte (identity card) under an assumed name. Moreover, when Abrahamer required an urgent eye operation, Gebethner used his connections to the Polish underground to find a surgeon that was willing to come to the apartment and carry out the operation by candlelight.

Father Bruno with Jewish children he hid from the Germans. Yad Vashem recognized Father Bruno as Righteous Among the Nations. Belgium, wartime.