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Jan Łaski's Antiphone Book. Foundation of The Archbishop of Gniezno Poland, 1523

Bull of Pope Boniface ix establishing the theology department at the University of Cracow Rome, 11 January 1397

Equestrian portrait of John III Sobieski, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, full-length in profile facing right, horse also seen in profile facing right; after Pieter Stevens. c.1683-1692 Engraving

Chasuble founded by Zbigniew Oleśnicki Constantinople, 1st half of the 15th century (sides and stole), Italy, 17th century (column, lace) silk cloth, side stripe, brocating weft, pattern weft, brocatelle, bobbin lace chasuble length: 108 × 71 cm, stole: 232 × 20 cm Parish Church in Bolechowice, permanent deposit at the Archdiocese Museum in in Cracow

Jan Łaski (1456–1531) Com[m]une incliti poloni[a]e regni priuilegium co[n]stitutionu[m] [et] indultuu[m] publicitus decretorum approbatoru[m]q[ue] […]

Stanisław Hozjusz (1504–1579) Opera omnia, quorum catalogum octava pagella reperies […] Antwerp, 1571