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Studying writing in college has repeatedly made me question whether I love writing enough to finish—or even like writing anymore at all. I want to share why I’ve had such a difficult time and how to avoid the discouragement I faced.

Jeff Miller, Guest Contributor We asked J. Mark Miller, dad to an "OYANer" (a One Year Adventure Novel student) who is also a fantasy-writer himself, to share some reflections for other writers and their parents.

Jared Schmitz: "How do you view the early drafts of your writing projects? Do you view them as blocks of stone requiring smoothing and carving into shape, but essentially complete? Or do you view them more as lumps of clay, likely needing to be fully reshaped more than once?"

To Daniel Schwabauer and his wife, Carrol, who started The One Year Adventure Novel in 2008, the Summer Workshop is better than Christmas. Ask them about it and their faces light up.

There are many reasons why young writers stall. And it’s hard to watch, as a parent and teacher. What do you do when your son or daughter loses momentum with The One Year Adventure Novel course?

We are often asked if teens who AREN'T aspiring novelists would find "The One Year Adventure Novel" curriculum helpful. Blaine, a "non-writer" student, weighs in...

MASTER LIST Medieval English Names ~ great resource for naming characters in your historical or high fantasy novel! #writingtips #nanowrimo

Notes to Aspiring Writers: Your Dream, God's Plan (when God says no

Part Two of Notes to Aspiring Writers (when God says no): "I looked at this book and saw the quilt of my life: all the different pieces finally fitting together in a display of God’s mercy, love, and forgiveness. A message I believed with all of my heart (and still believe) women need desperately to hear. But God said no."