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“In feudal times in Japan, there were various military arts and exercises which the samurai classes were trained and fitted for their special form of warfare. Amongst these was the art of jujutsu, from which the present judo has sprung up. The word jujutsu may be translated freely as ‘the art of gaining victory by yielding or pliancy.’” - Jigoro Kano

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Ju-Jutsu is an ancient Japanese Martial art whose history is closely linked with that of Ninpo. It has influenced the development of Aikido, Judo, and some schools of Karate.

Jujutsu flourished and grew during the Edo Period commonly measured by historians as being from 1603-1868 AD. The term “jujutsu” began to be used in Japan in the 1630s to describe many different unarmed styles of combat that shared the same principles of attack and defense.

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