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My dog isn't allowed to die...but if she ever decides to be rebellious about that one rule then I will definitely get this...

10 Pictures that Explain Why I Agree with USA Gymnastics #BoycottIndiana

It's about human rights. We are all equal! Or we should be all equal - so much for the so called enlightened men. Or how about love one another??

Block Print: Way to Bee

A beautiful Bee Print for the busy one in your life! And to remember that the impossible is always possible

charcoal pine

Since you won't allow me direct light, I will accept the indirect light of the moon. I can't see clearly. But you won't seem to allow me to either. That's okay. I'll abide. And be beautiful besides...

Jesus is the way... please read this! He loves us and died for us! If you are looking for something to fill that empty hole in your heart, well Jesus is literally the only thing that can fill it!