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Well, yes. Quite. I'd imagine getting a date would be hard. I'd miss chocolate too. And it would probably make it devilishly hard to keep your golf handicap down. The smell could be quite a problem with your work mates as well.

bestrooftalkever: “Damn self, you want to split the bill for this one?” “Damn self, you want to get a coffee up at my place?” “Damn self, I know this great tapas place in the Village.” “Damn self, does your friend have something wrong with her face?”

Pink Adopt a Unicorn Word Art Painting Original Canvas Quote - NayArts

We have our own unicorn parked out back, Demi Moore's friend rides it and also hung curtians for lucille ball and visits pee wee herman :) @Courtney Baker Baker Baker Jordan @Cassandra Dowman Dowman Guild Scaggs @Amy Lyons Lyons Lyons Moore

YES! So sick of these posts saying "no one is ever too busy for those they care about" - um YES yes I am! Welcome to adult life in this time period! Definitely doesn't mean I don't care about you or think about you. GOODNESS.