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Blockbusters. Fond memories of that time. This would be on telly when I got home from my Art Foundation Course where I had a whale of a time.

My Little Pony Vintage Lunch box 80's Retro Bluebird. *pretty sure I had this exact lunch box in Kindergarten* :)

That unique flavour - it tasted like the smell of the inside of your grandmother's handbag. Perfume, violet, lavender. Nice!

Elastics was fun

Spent so much of my childhood entangled ''Jingle Jangle inside out jingle jangle inside on''

Keypers...I can't remember what I kept inside, but I'm sure it was something important. OMG the Memories!

Omgosh I loved this and it was my favourite toy for ever! Mine was yellow and an older version but I used to make my own stationary and pretend I was a secretary. That's why I still love stationary stuff now- pens, paper etc I wish I had this still, I could cry that I got rid of it!!

Spira’s distinctive form came from new chocolate extrusion technology. And rumour has it that some Spira customers used to bite the ends of the hollow chocolate ‘straw’ and then use it to drink hot beverages, melting the inside. So wrong it’s right!