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Patty @littlebytesnews · 15h 15 hours ago Obama wants to fix the internet like he fixed obamacare...adding more taxes

HHS brings in Verizon to help

HHS brings in Verizon to help 10/22/13 An informed source in the telecommunications industry said Verizon's Enterprise Solutions division has been asked by the Department of Health and Human Services to improve the performance of the site, which is a key component of the Affordable Care Act. The source spoke on condition of anonymity because the announcement had not been made official.

Obamacare 'War Room' Notes Reveal Worries over Sticker Shock. Newly-obtained Obamacare "War Room" documents from just a week ago reveal internal concern that even after the busted website is fixed, customers will discover fewer choices and experience sticker shock.

Bernie Sanders: "And then what ends up happening is campaigns are basically about 16, 17 states, battleground states, in this country, and I think that's unfair to the other 30-plus states that would also like to be part of the political process."

Actually, the SYSTEM works when people follow the rules (The Constitution). Instead we make too many exceptions for Big Business, for Unions, for special interests groups. And, people are always trying to find an angle to benefit their own interests. The problem is not the system, the problem is a lack of character in the majority of the so called leadership of this country.

Can Obamacare be fixed? Six senators offer a plan, with an eye to the fall

Can Obamacare be fixed? Six senators offer a plan, with an eye to the fall - THE WASHINGTON POST #Obamacare