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while I drew this it made my back hurt. I want to make SpongeBob and Patrick into something else so I mad them power puff people referring to a picture I found on Google images. I love having preferences cause then they give me an idea of what I need to do... lately I've been working without preferences and I think I'm good either way!

I drew this... On a test... If you re-pin this I would appreciate it if you could give me credit - marley gonzalez

Hey guys what's up here's a heart my cousin wanted me to draw.. (As always if re-pinned please give us credit) -Marley Gonzalez

This is my drawing. I hope you understand. It's not the best ever but please give me credit if repinned. -Marley Gonzalez

Was charging my iPad during current events in History so I just drew everything that people said

Drew this today during study hall. This is one of my personal favorites. I drew this for my homegirl Paige and I will be coloring it soon. If your Repin this please give me credit.

I was so bored, so I drew this. Pretty good, considering I don't draw people that often.

I drew this a while ago and I realized that I didn't post it... If you repost please give me credit. Thanks!

I think I did pretty good. The arms are too short but they were making me mad. I couldn't make them long enough without screwing up the proportion a lot.

I'm watching Ed, Edd 'n' eddy so I drew this.. Yeah... Once again if re-pinned we would appreciate it if you would give us credit -marley gonzalez