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Males that create high quality gradients mate with more females than males that have lower quality gradients, and this provides evidence that not only can non-human animals create visual illusions, but also that they can be used to promote mating success.

Need To Redecorate? Hire A Bowerbird!

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How male bowerbirds use optical illusions to attract a mate

Male bowerbirds are well known for making elaborate constructions of sticks and decorative objects to attract a mate.

Force perspective: Laura A. Kelley and John A. Endler of Deakin University in Australia report that female great bowerbirds choose the males that produce the best forced-perspective illusions in their courts.

The fascinating Vogelkop bowerbird (Amblyornis inornata) belongs to a unique family of birds famed for their construction of complex structures known as ‘bowers’