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The ''love & hate'' relationship between Min Yoongi and Park Jimin.. my gut tells me Yoongi will let this slide since its Park Jimin,his precious Park Jimin <3 | allkpop Meme Center

I love them. I do that too, when someone insults me. Casually walk over and say, "Where do you want to be hit?" XD

It goes without saying that the cat and the mouse are two animals which have no cordial relationship. Their unfriendly relationship is so normal to the point that it would be abnormal to see a them in a friendly posture. And it would be even more abnormal to see the mouse making fun of the cat. What would make a mouse act like that? Well, like in the Tom and Jerry cartoon, we know there` either a hole nearby or its set a trap for the cat. The lesson here is that when people suddenly begin to…

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