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•.¸❤.Thank you, I love YOU so very much•.¸❤.From the Moon around each shining star and back again and again....Forever True & My Heart & Love ❤ Mommy•.¸❤.

don't get me wrong here, these quotes are heart felt. but on Instagram girl do this where they call themselves ugly or lonely when they have tons of friends and are one of the most popular girls in the grade. so basically it's just fishing for attention.. ✿

You can open up to me without fear of rejection or judgement, but don't be insulted if I don't immediately tell you all there is to know about me. I will answer direct questions, though.

why do people have to be so rude when they're giving shoutouts?? "if you don't follow her you suck" "i'll judge you forever" "ill take away your food" like, now i won't follow the person you're promoting and ill probably unfollow you for being such a jerk

In my daughters eyes - Martina McBride . . . Because I am blessed with the gift of sweet daughters! Thank you God for your good gift!!

When I have a bad day, all I gotta do is pop this song on.. I then remember what I've been through and if I got through my past I can get through anything. <3

The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about. []