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The lazy housewife - A shoot I did with Masked Illusion a while back. My first one using Elinchrom flashes.. and having more than 2 lights available.. so it was quite a bit of experimentation, but in the end I think it worked out pretty well.

Cartier-Bresson: A master's black-and-white world

This image taken by Henri Cartier Bresson captures line from the left hand corner leading the eyes down the stairs to the movement by the person on the bike.

I really love this little animation

I really love this animation of Joseph Gordon Levitt, perfectly rotoscoped in 89 frames by Carli Ihde, a 22-year-old published comic book artist, illustrator, and graphic designer with a great style. So much that I want to see an entire short movie done in this style.

John Flore / Lightshow #motion #animation #gif

I pinned this GIF because the animation is so smooth and the timing is perfect, when the whales roll around it seems they go a bit faster, I also think its clever that they are in sync so well,it also looks like the bigger whale hs been copied to make the smaller whale.

Lovely group of soft tone houses - nice for applique? (Anyone know the maker?)

Sudden Words, Suddenly Gone

"Self-Portrait", capturing inked water in movement by photograph Chinichi Maruyama, 2006

Ryan Johnson

I came across some delightful sculptures from artist Ryan Johnson that got me pretty excited. I'm very interested by these playful characters, full of dignified humor despite an almost laughably pathetic appearance. These guys remind me a little bit of Ed Kienholz's work too, which is