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Why do you pinch the skin to test for hydration? Because you can’t pinch the hooves! Charlie Brown was treated with Equiwinner because he lived with cracked hooves. With Equiwinner, Charlie started drinking a lot more water and it went to his feet! The hooves became hydrated and the cracks closed up. These photos were taken Sep 21 and Oct 26. That’s just 5 weeks. So don’t underestimate hydration. Hydration is everything.

Many horses are afraid to cross foreign objects like puddles and creeks. Here's a few horse training tips you can do to help them overcome this fear.

The purpose of showing a yearling in a longe-line class is to demonstrate the horse has the movement, manner and conformation to be competitive under saddle. Journal photo.

The Working Flag affects broad general spaces around a horse. It is a good choice for developing an understanding and starting to develop yields on the ground. The broad and general effect that occurs seems to work well with most horses when a stick and string may be too defined right off the bat.