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Hello, My Name Is... by Neil Burdess published by Dingwall-based Sandstone Press

Babylon Berlin by Volker Kutscher published by Dingwall-based Sandstone Press

Utahraptor Attacking Hippodraco in Sand Dewatering Feature. This image attempts to restore some of the events leading to the creation of a large block of highly fossiliferous (mainly Utahraptor over a range of ontogenetic stages) sandstone from the Cretaceous in what is now Utah.

Shhhh, it’s been quiet in Chetham's library for 350 years

Chetham's Library is the oldest surviving public library in Britain, housed in the center of Manchester in a medieval sandstone building which used to be a prison and arsenal. Some 60 per cent of the Library's 100,000 printed books were published before 1851. They include collections of sixteenth and seventeenth-century printed works, periodicals and journals. But what struck me here in this library, many books have remained chained to their shelves.

(PHOTO: VisitBritain) England's world records: World’s oldest public library: Chetham Library Chetham's Library was founded in 1653 and is claimed to be the oldest surviving public library across the English-speaking world. The library holds over 100,000 volumes of printed books, of which 60,000 were published before 1851. Housed in a medieval sandstone building in Manchester city centre, the library was the meeting place of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels when Marx visited Manchester.

BBC Audio interview with Liel Leibovitz on Leonard Cohen's enduring appeal and why he wrote a biography of him begins at 6:00 minute mark A Broken Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen's Secret Chord is published by Sandstone Press.

Inscripted sandstone slab could reveal name of Etruscan god or goddess